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Why Choose a Master Instructor?

I developed the Master Instructor Program for the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy because it was imperative that police officers retained their training long after they left the Academy. I researched learning theories, wrote the Master Instructor Manual and taught in the MI Program and in the Leadership Institute. At the time, my program was one of three Academy Master Instructor Programs in the country.

Problem Based Learning is the foundation of my Program. My goal, as a Security Training Advisor is the same goal I had at the Academy. When we instruct your groups on Anticipatory Leadership, Emotional IQ, Cold  Case Organization, Psychopathy, Mental Illness and/or Ethics, or other topics, we "hardwire" the training   to remain with them. We also encourage them to grow as life-long learners.

 The Journey to Professionalism never ends. Let us help your employees begin the journey.


Allow us to help you with:

  •   Anticipatory Leadership
  •   Psychopathy Recognition and Response
  •   Mental Illness Recognition and Response
  •   Cold Case Organization
  •   Ethics, The foundation of Law Enforcement
  •   Law Enforcement/ Security Emotional Survival
  •   Mentoring




Dr.  Dorothy McCoy


Master Instructor

Writer and Lecturer

Security Training Advisor

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Personality and Behavior

Learn More about Deviant Personalities (Psychopaths, Sociopaths, and their Wannabes. Wannabes have the desire, but not the innate ability. All of these types can be dangerous.) 




Know the enemy. Be warned, he knows you.